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Disability financial aid file

  • Negotiated by:

    Staff and HR

  • Description:

    The provision for this concept covers the cases of disability in the current legislation.

  • Steps:

    1.- Submit the application, in the General Registry.

    2.- Report issued by the Head of Human Resources Bureau.

    3.- Retention of Credit.

    4.- Mayor's decree, if applicable.

  • Requirements:

    1º.- To carry out services in this City Council a continuous year, or three discontinuous.

    2º.- Others set by the General Negotiation table.

    - Be a spouse and / Or child of the public employee with a disability equal to or greater than 33%.

    - Do not receive any type of support for this concept, pension or income from work, unless they have an equal degree of disability Or above 65%.

    - The age limit for children is set at 18 years, except when the degree of disability is equal to or greater than 65%.

  • Documentation to be provided:

    The one established by the General Negotiating Board:

    - Resolution of the IMAS or ISSORM, stating the degree of disability and term of validity.

    - Declaration of the income of the last year of the family unit.

  • Cost:

    According to the distribution of the economic bag by the General Table of Negotiation.

  • Documentation:

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