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Government Equipment

The members that currently form the municipal corporation are the following:

José Miguel Luengo Gallego


C.V. He is currently Secretary of Organization of the PP of San Javier and Executive Secretary of Urban Planning and Housing Infrastructures of the Region of Murcia. Member of the infrastructure and transport commission of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities

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María Teresa Foncuberta Hidalgo

First Deputy Mayor. Delegate of Citizen Security (Local Police, Civil Protection and Firemen), Contracting, Traffic and Sanctions (including the specific sanctioning faculty in matter of traffic).

C.V. Professional practice as court attorney

  • 691253132

Carlos Albaladejo Alarcón

Second Deputy Mayor. Delegate of Finance, Corporate Communication, Personnel, Interiror Regime and Pedanías.

C.V. Professor of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate in the Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia

  • 691253132

María Dolores Ruiz Jiménez

Delegate for the Coordination and Control of Municipal Public Services, Parks and Gardens and Prevention of Occupational Risks

C.V. Coordination and Control of Municipal Public Services. Parks and gardens. Mobile Park. Prevention of occupational hazards

  • 691253132

Estíbaliz Masegosa Gea

Delegate for Youth, Equality and Women, Social Services and Sports

C.V. Deputy Secretary General of the Popular Party of San Javier.

  • 691253132

Antonio Marcelo Martínez Torrecillas

Delegate of Tourism, Beaches, Commerce, Employment and Local Development, Transport, Patrimony, Urbanism and Environment (including the specific sanctioning faculty in Urban Planning and Environment)

C.V. Coordination of Tourism, Beaches, Trade, Employment and Local Development, Transport, Heritage, Urbanism and the Environment

  • 691253132

Catalina Pérez Jiménez

Delegate for Education, Volunteering, Health and Citizen Participation. To initiate the books of Minutes and Resolutions of the Mayor and his Delegates.

C.V. President of the Commission of Schooling of Infant and Primary of the City of San Javier. Commissioner of the Schooling Commission of Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate of San Javier. President of the School Board

  • 691253132

David Martínez Gómez

Delegate of Culture, Museums, Crafts, Civic Centers and New Technologies

C.V. Coordinator of Culture, Museums Civic Centers and NNTT. ESO Teacher - BACHILLERATO of English and Social Sciences, Geography and History at the Antonio de Nebrija School in Murcia

  • 691253132

Pedro López Zapata

Delegate of Celebrations, Statistics, Mobile Park, Markets and Consumption

C.V. Coordination of celebrations, statistics, fleet, markets and consumption

  • 691253132

Sergio Martinez Ros

Councilor for Agriculture

C.V. Coordination of the Bureau of Agriculture. President of the Federación Ciclismo Región de Murcia.

  • 691253132
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