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Assignment of Functions

  • Negotiated by:

    Staff and HR

  • Description:

    The City of San Javier, pursuant to Article 73 Del EbEP, will assign to its personnel functions, tasks or Different responsibilities from those of the job, provided that they Appropriate to their classification, grade or category, without loss in the Remuneration.

  • Steps:

    1º.- Report motivated with approval of the Department of the area Corresponding.

    2º.- Report of the Head of Bureau of Human Resources.

    3º.- Resolution through Decree, If applicable.

    4º.- Notifications for the Employee and communication for the service on which it depends.

  • Requirements:

    - That the needs of the service justify it.

    - That it is tasks or responsibilities other than those of the job, as long as they are appropriate to their classification, grade or category. >

    - Maximum duration of one year, as long as this assignment is agreed, an extension may be agreed for another additional year, justifying it duly. In this case, upon reaching the two-year period, the same shall be taken into account by the Committee for Follow-up of the Agreement for its assessment, if applicable, through the Technical Commission for Job Valuation, in order to determine If it is a structural and permanent need, which requires the review of the job, being extended exclusively for the period of time necessary until the completion of the relevant administrative procedure to effect such a review.

  • Documentation to be provided:

    Motivated report with approval from the Department of the corresponding area.

  • Cost:

    0 euros.

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