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Time flexibility file

  • Negotiated by:

    Staff and HR

  • Description:

    Request of right to flexible schedule. "Public employees who are in charge of persons Children under 12 years of age or persons with disabilities, as well as those who Have a direct family member with a serious illness until the second Degree of consanguinity or affinity, will have the right to flexibilize in an hour On a daily basis, the fixed working hours they have established. "


    Resolution of 28 December 2012, of the Secretariat Of the State of Public Administrations, by which instructions are given On working hours and hours of staff in the service of the Administration General of the State and its public bodies.

  • Steps:

    1º.- To submit the application, in The General Register.

    2º.- Report of the Head of Bureau of Human Resources.

    3º.- Decree of Mayor's Office, if Proceed.

    4º.- Notification and communication.

  • Requirements:

    1º.- Being a public employee of the City Council of San Javier.

    2º.- To be in charge, people Children under the age of 12 or persons with disabilities, or a relative With serious illness up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

  • Documentation to be provided:

    1º.- Certified photocopy of the family Book. (In the case of children under 12 years of age.)

    2º.- Affidavit. (In case Of older persons).

    3º.- Documentary evidence of disability. (In case of disabled people).

    4º.- Documentary evidence of the Serious illness, justifying kinship. (In case of family with Serious illness).

  • Cost:

    0 euros

  • Documentation:

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